We could not be more proud to welcome out good friends Heavenly Recordings back to Totnes to again guest curate for us at Sea Change. Lets think of this as a standing order.

In 2016 they presented TOY on the eve of their new album, introduced us to The Parrots on the day their debut LP dropped and brought along guests Rose Elinor Dougall and Ultimate Painting.

In 2017 we're thrilled to have their newest signing Orielles in town plus so much more that we can't wait to tell you about.

Heavenly will be brining the Jukebox with them for some DJ sets and take over the Civic Hall on Saturday 26th August.


The Quietus are doubtless one of the most unique and independent voices in music journalism. They champion the underground, the extreme and the overlooked; they also pull no punches.

In 2016 they hosted shows From Richard Dawson, Bo Ningen and Teeth of the Sea.

In 2017 they will be presenting an extended two day showcase to include Sex SwingHey Colossus and more to be announced.


Established by German-born Robert Raths in early 2007, Erased Tapes will be turning ten this year and celebrating with us by putting on a special showcase at our 15th century church venue.


Another Birthday, this time looking good at Twenty. Bella Union were founded in 1997 by Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins and over the last two decades have become arguable the most critically and commercial successful label in the UK.

Bella will be hosting two shows at Sea Change with talent and friends new and old from their roster.


If you want to talk about young labels making immaculate debuts, then Basin Rock have unquestionable secured themselves a place in that conversation forever more. Launching (officially) this year out of Todmorden, their first two releases have been the latest albums from Julie Byrne and Nadia Reid... neither of which have spent much time away from our stereo.

Thrilled to have both Julie and Nadia playing live for us in what will be one of the most in-demand shows of the whole weekend.