Ryley Walker

Photo: Tom Sheehan

Photo: Tom Sheehan


Ryley Walker is a very modern type of troubadour. Across his four studio albums he has incorporated elements of finger picked guitar, free flowing folk-psychedelia and proved adept at the highest levels of improv, jazz and experimentalism. Both 2015's Primrose Green and 2016's Golden Sings That Have Been Sung ranked high in Drift's albums of the year magazines... and you know those guys don't get it wrong.

We've been lucky enough to see him play a few times and we can't wait to welcome him to Sea Change. Both in terms of his instrumentation, his band and ever more so his vocals, it's going to be a very special show.

A masterpiece of nuanced, almost spiritual, jazz-tinged folk rock… A beautiful album.
— The Times ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Here is something special ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
— The Times

American wanderer Julie Byrne's second album 'Not Even Happiness' vividly archives what would have otherwise been lost to the road - bustling roadside diners, the stars over the high desert, the aching weariness of change, the wildflowers of the California coast, as well as the irresolvable mysteries of love.A more confident beast than her 2014 debut 'Rooms With Walls And Windows', adding atmospheric instrumentation and electronic flourishes to Byrne's unusual guitar tunings and fingerpicked melodies, moving the songs from the front-porch into subtle anthemia. In the live arena she enchants, leaving rooms and festival crowds mesmerised by her voice and warm presence, who find a real connection with Byrne's intimate songs. This feeling is often shared: “When the show has that magical spirit every person has contributed, even unknowingly, in creating a space of responsiveness to each other through vulnerability, through our unified experience and honesty about our sorrow and our emergence.”

One of this years most eagerly anticipated shows for sure.


It’s only January... but one of the finest albums of the year
★ ★ ★ ★

Nadia Reid

Reid is a remarkably talent, assured, clever and confident singer-songwriter….. a devastating youthful wisdom that gives her songs a feeling of lasting profundity.
— The Guardian



Nadia Reid's 2015 album Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs was one of the latest greatest moments of the year. We're very excited to welcome her to Sea Change to play from her superb new Preservation album.

A richness of voice; a depth of emotion; and wise beyond her years; with Listen To Formation, Look For the Signs, 23-year-old New Zealand native Nadia Reid has claimed her place as one of the country’s most evocative and profound young songwriters. Her music traces the sharp mountain peaks, azure coastline, and mirrored images of the land and sky that pinpoint her home country’s vast open landscapes.


Masayoshi Fujita

Volker Langholz


Masayoshi Fujita is a Japanese vibraphonist and composer based in Berlin. Masa first learned how to play the drums, followed by extensive vibraphone training to craft and play his own, mostly jazz and electronic-influenced compositions.

Melodic constellations so impeccably gorgeous that they ache
— Pitchfork

Determined not to stick to traditional vibraphone styles or techniques, Masayoshi started to prepare his instrument with pieces of metal, strips of foil and other objects in the search for new possibilities with the instrument. The resulting new sounds help to expand the vibraphone spectrum without eroding the instrument’s intrinsic character. 


A solo vibraphone version of 'Tears of Unicorn' shot live in a Berlin flat.

Camera: Volker Langholz
Sound Recording: Tobin J. Stewart

Chapman’s guitar slices and stabs, unsettling the listener as he ponders a harsh world and wonders if he’s lucky to still be alive: “Sometimes you live, and sometimes you just drive.” Chapman is still doing plenty of both.
— Pitchfork

Michael Chapman

Now this one we're thrilled about.

After five decades of recording and touring, veteran British songwriter and guitar sage Michael Chapman has finally made what he calls his “American record,” and the aptly titled 50 now stands as his late career masterwork, a moving legacy statement by a legend. Backed by a collaborative group of friends and acolytes—Steve Gunn (who also produced), Nathan Bowles (Pelt), James Elkington (Jeff Tweedy), Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band), Jimy SeiTang (Rhyton), and fellow UK songwriting luminary Bridget St John—Chapman tears into both bold renderings of new songs and radical reinterpretations of material from his revered catalog, the crack band adeptly scaling the same rarefied sonic heights of classic Harvest albums like Fully Qualified Survivor, guided by a true survivor’s instinct, wit, and wisdom.

The result is a sublime chiaroscuro self-portrait, more shadow than light, as an invigorated Chapman wrestles with weighty themes of travel, memory, mortality, and redemption, his world-weary whispers assuming the incandescent power of prophecy.

Grumbling Fur

Somewhere, in the still-remaining quiet places of London, Grumbling Fur is at work.

Kerry O'Sullivan

This being is the joint manifestation of Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan which, since 2011, has birthed a series of increasingly focussed albums of psychedelic pop. Their new album, Furfour, is a record that’s the sum of a dizzying array of creative projects by two key figures in an esoteric underground still thriving despite the pressures and pains of modern London.

Furfour gradually emerged over three years of writing and recording at 147 Tower Gardens, the strange ivy-shrouded house that Tucker and O’Sullivan once called home. It’s an album whose warm heart is shaped, say Grumbling Fur, by birth, loss, friendship, death, those things that happen to us all. Yet as ever with this duo, it’s altered through fantasy and sci-fi, Carlos Castenada, shamanic mind warp, house ghosts and meditation.

We're extremely proud to invite Grumbling Fur to Sea Change as part of The Quietus curated shows.

the music they make together is remarkably coherent. Crowded as it is with instruments and ideas, Grumbling Fur doesn’t sound like a collision of sensibilities.
— Pitchfork

Video by Stephen Dunne and Mark Titchner


Douglas Dare

Özge Cöne

Özge Cöne


London-based singer-songwriter and pianist Douglas Dare grew up in the small coastal town of Bridport in South West England.

In a digital age where memories are mimicked by pixels and identity is as malleable as static, Douglas Dare’s most recent album Aforger questions the boundaries between reality and fiction. Inspired by recent events and revelations encountered in his life these songs depict Dare at his most vulnerable, whilst simultaneously reflecting our own obsession with reality and technology back at us. Aforger was produced by long-time collaborator Fabian Prynn, mixed by Paul Gregory of Lanterns On The Lake and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. In the following conversation Douglas strips back the personal journeys and realisations which preceded its recording.


Directed and animated by Dan Jacobs.


Hey Colossus

José Ramón Caamaño

José Ramón Caamaño


Forging a completely idiosyncratic combination of power, control, tenderness, miscontrol and more power, these six piece band active since 2003 acutely channel the best of your record collections and spit them back out into some quite astonishing shows and releases.

2015 saw two long players hit the people square on. "In Black and Gold" and "Radio Static High" (both out on Rocket Recordings) topped many end of year lists as must hear records and were both  in  WIRE Magazine 2015's end of year Top 10 Avant Rock chart . The live events that followed only cemented a growing appreciation of what Hey Colossus have achieved over the years.

Standard-bearers for post-millennial British music which is au fait with punk and hardcore while not being punk or hardcore
— The Quietus

Holly Macve


A heavenly voice couched in spellbinding country & western ballads, with a devastating emotional delivery: Holly Macve is a fantastic addition to the Bella Union family, and her album Golden Eagle is one of the most remarkably assured debuts of this or any other year, especially given she’s though only 21 years old.

Despite her youth, Golden Eagle reveals she’s experienced enough strife to last a lifetime: parental splits, heartbreak, early career pitfalls…. Born in Galway in western Ireland, Macve and her sister were whisked away “in the night” by her mother from their errant father, to live with her grandparents in Yorkshire. Once in their own house, near the town of Holmfirth, Holly quickly responded to music: “My Grandad was a classical composer, and my mum sang, and she said I was singing before I was talking,” she recalls. Her mother’s record collection - lots of old blues and Bob Dylan – shaped Holly’s impressionable mind, before she herself discovered the likes of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Gillian Welch.

We are thrilled to invite Holly back to Totnes and Sea Change, this time with her band to play this quite wonderful new album.

Holly Macve’s voice stood out among the thousands of songs we heard before heading to SXSW...



Sex Swing are the British underground supergroup that shouldn’t even exist.

One member has survived a plane crash. One has survived (and won) a chess/boxing match against an opponent with the (entirely deserved) nickname ‘The Finnish Hammer’. Another has survived being struck by lightning. 

Dealing in sweaty groove and physical menace Sex Swing are musically tied to an England both squalid and hallucinatory: rain-soaked and rat-bitten but also (genuinely) psychedelic. Because while psych - a contentious phrase at the best of times - is often thought of in terms of beatific hypercolour and can readily encompass everything from jangling 60’s revivalists to bedroom laptop alchemists, Sex Swing operate at the brutal end: a greyscale dockland in a warped hive mind screwed by lack of sleep and haunted by the twisted waking dreams that inevitably ensue: waves of cranial discomfort tempered by the pure physical release of the music.


The space/kraut/noise/psych rock group churn out grinding, gnarly sounds spliced with the almighty squall of a saxophone
— The Guardian


Mary Wycherley

Gulp are a Cardiff-based, garage space-pop band fronted by Guto Pryce (Super Furry Animals) & Lindsey Leven.The pair are joined by Gid Goundrey on guitar and various friends on drums including Stuart Kidd (Euros Child/Norman Blake), Kliph Scurlock (Flaming Lips/ Gruff Rhys), Gwion Lleweyln (Meilir Jones) & others.

Originally from Scotland, vocalist Lindsey moved to Cardiff to where she met Guto Pryce at a Christmas psych party– a joining of kindred spirits in a city with an ever-evolving arts scene. It was there that the foundations of Gulp came to be as they joined forces to create this musical venture.

Gulp make warm, fuzzy, luscious pop by combining ethereal sounds of both acoustic and electric drums, synths and guitars. Their music is like a road trip; the landscape and events along the way, filmic scenes and melodies – from the sun-squinting, flickering saturation and lens flare of the Californian desert, to the gloamin of rural Scottish and Welsh homescapes.

Recorded on a farm in mid Wales, new single ‘Search For Your Love’ follows on from the band’s last album release ‘Season Sun’ in 2014, which received praise from The Guardian, The Quietus, NME & a variety of other publications. The duo brought the recordings home to construct before finishing with Luke Abbott in Norwich.



The Orielles are a three-piece from Halifax. Teenagers Esmé Dee-Hand, Henry Carlyle Wade & Sidonie B Hand. 

Neelam Khan Vela

We got to hear about them by word of month — initially from some of my older pals, namely Joe McKechnie up in Liverpool and Phil Wilson — of June Brides fame — guys that know their stuff — then more recently from some of our bands namely Hooton Tennis Club and The Parrots who The Orielles recently supported on UK tour which is when we all fell in love with them
— Jeff Barrett, Heavenly.

The first sight of The Orielles is crammed into the back of a Ford galaxy people carrier, the “tour van” that’s taken them up and down Britian in search of crowds, pubs and good vibes. Sid, the oldest member, is at the wheel, a white-knuckled ball of efficiency, while bassist Esme (Sid’s younger sister) and guitarist Henry, are crammed in the back next to drums, amps, and overflowing sacks of “gear”. All decked out in baggy tops, highwaisted jeans and well-worn rubber soled sneakers, they look like they’ve escaped from a Wes Anderson short.

... Read the full introducing piece in So Young magazine.