Modern Studies nominated for 2017 SAY awards


The Scottish music scene is amazing. Always has been and with the announcement of the 2017 SAY nominations, it is truly in rude health. We're thrilled that our friends and 2017 performers Modern Studies have been nominated for their beautiful 'Swell to Great' LP.  They are representing Sea Change alongside the goliaths; The Jesus and Mary Chain, C Duncan, King Kreosote, Teenage Fanclub and our top picks; Pictish Trail, Ela Orleans, Honeyblood and Meursault.

Well done, much deserved. Well done Scotland. You are the best.

The SAY Award is a prestigious arts prize produced by the Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA). Boasting a lucrative £20,000 prize for the winner and nine runner up prizes of £1,000 each, the award celebrates, promotes and rewards the most outstanding Scottish albums released each year.

Focus on Will Stratton

Originally from Woodland, California, Will Stratton lives in Beacon, New York and we've been swooning over him all year. This year's Rosewood Almanac is his first with Bella Union and is another in a long line of beautiful, addictive and euphorically downbeat LP's the label have brought into our conscious. 

Although his first LP with Bella Union, and certainly the first time we became aware of his work, Will is actually six albums into his career, with some really engaging EP's and Demos floating around in the ether too. That commitment to time creating music shows, his playing ranges from intricate and fast picked to hazy and atmospheric, recalling all sorts of gestures from John Fahey to Nick Drake with that Sufjan Stevens esq sparkle in their too. Vocally he is so measured, a beuafifull clear voice with no affectation. 

I wrote ‘Manzanita’ last spring. It was the final song I wrote for this album, and it’s about watching plants bloom and take root at the same time as people grow and adapt and age, and how beautiful that can be. Sandy Gordon plays the drums, Gabriel Birnbaum plays the saxophone, Maia Friedman sings backup, and I do the rest, aside from a little swell of strings at the end.
— Will Stratton on Manzanita

More: "An Identity Crisis in a Good Way" - An Interview with Will Stratton on Pop Matters.

Will's story is one to summon myths: son of a traveling preacher and a cancer survivor, his music was found by Bella Union boss Simon Raymonde during a night-time online search. The ten songs on Rosewood Almanac feel consistently delicate and fawn-like, even when their lyrics bare teeth.

With pastoral folk roots, New York singer-songwriter Will Stratton has gotten more discreet in his approach. Not a single note sounds out of place here, meshing into a breathtaking whole.
— Pitchfork
Directed by Evan M. Cohen

We are thrilled to welcome Will Stratton to Sea Change to play as part of the Bella Union twentieth birthday celebrations.

Aldous Harding - Horizon on Jools Holland

All week it has been billed as 'the first all female line up in later's history'... (which is both great and long overdue fyi....) but this edition will be remembered more as the one where Aldous Harding went on and sung us into shock. An amazing and breathtaking performance with just a piano accompaniment. Pretty sure she'll be doing another song on the full show, so check that out this weekend.

You can watch Horizon here.

Rising: Tinnedfruit

Delighted to announce that the winners of our 2017 Rising Talent competition are Tinnedfruit. It was such a strong night and ringing endorsement of the local scene. We had a great time listening to all the bands...  and a horrible time picking just one! That said, Tinnedfruit were our judge's unanimous winners and we really look forward to hosting them again at the festival. They are super loud.

Drift bought a bunch of their LP and have it for sale here