Sea Change 2016


One hot, sleep deprived night back in 2015, we (the guys at the Drift Record Shop) decided that we'd had enough of feeling like the train station past the end of the line... we wanted to see music, art and magic in our town. So we put on our own festival.

In 2016 we welcomed; British Sea Power, TOY, Bo Ningen, Richard Dawson, THROWS, Yorkston Thorne Khan, BC Camplight, Rival Consoles, Ultimate Painting, The Parrots, Matthew And Me, Alasdair Roberts, Luke Abbott, The Wave Pictures, Joan Shelley, Nathan Salsburg, Howes, Szun Waves, Rose Elinor Dougall, Guy Andrews, Teeth Of The Sea, The Drink, Red River Dialect, Holly Macve, The Pure Conjecture, BarCreeps, Bizarre Rituals, Thirty Pounds of Bone, The Membranes, Sound of Yell, Death Shanties, Apples and Snakes present FORKED, Sylvia Patterson, Richard King, James Endeacott, Simon Goddard, Jude Rogers, Laura Snapes, Ways With Weirds, Video Social Club and more...

As we kept saying... we built it, and you came.