We are so very proud… Friday night’s headliner will be one of the UK’s most critically and commercially successful acts, METRONOMY, returning to Devon for a huge homecoming show for Sea Change on the Dartington Hall Estate.

The Mercury-nominated band are currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of breakthrough LP, Nights Out (a new expanded edition of which is available via Because) and founder Joe Mount has most recently been busy at work producing Robyn’s Honey album.

A long-time supporter of both Drift and Sea Change, Joe snuck into town to play a surprise DJ set at the inaugural Sea Change weekend and it has long been one of the festival’s biggest ambitions to invite Metronomy to headline.


The Comet Is Coming


In a world narrative dominated and controlled by powerful, wealthy individuals with vested interests in skewing the truth, what trust can be placed in our governments, our leaders and our sources of information to guide us to evolve as a species?… The great weapon is art.

Mercury Music Prize-shortlisted futurist jazz voyagers The Comet Is Coming are making music for these crisis times of chaos and mass meltdown. Their new studio LP - On Trust In The Life Force Of The Deep Mystery - is released on the iconic Impulse! Records in March and all roads lead to Saturday night at Sea Change. The Devon valleys will never sound the same again. The title of the album, the band say, concerns “finding meaning in that which you cannot grasp”, it considers “truth in the existence of a primordial energy”. It fluctuates between pulsating, danceable, electronic groove-centric pieces and quieter, melodic jazz-infused compositions.

The Comet Is Coming are: Danalogue (keyboards/electronics), Betamax (drums) and King Shabaka (saxophone).


Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin is the project of electronic producer, composer, and artist Elizabeth Bernholz. Based in Brighton, England, she is part of the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray arts collective. Her fifth album - Pastoral, The 2018 Quietus Album of the Year - saw her taking inspiration from British folklore while exploring the darkness behind the quaint and idyllic.

Dark, intense and a full body experience. We can’t wait.

On her latest extraordinary album, Elizabeth Bernholz serves the full English with extra discomfort, grotesquery and barely contained horror
— The Quietus

Stewart Lee and Michael Cumming present ‘King Rocker’

How does a working class autodidact, with no visible means of support, maintain his role as the leader of a cult British underground band into its fifth decade? Comedian and writer Stewart Lee (Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle), director Michael Cumming (Brass Eye, Toast) and James Nicholls (Fire Records, Fire Films) investigate the mysterious existence of Robert Lloyd (The Prefects, The Nightingales, Robert Lloyd and the New Four Seasons), Britain’s ultimate post-punk survivor.

We are so thrilled to host a panel talk with the project’s creators at Sea Change, including an exclusive first look at a section of the film and a very special live show from The Nightingales.

Robert Lloyd’s Prefects played with The Clash on the White Riot tour in 1977, and their ongoing incarnation, as Birmingham’s Captain Beefheart suffused post-punk poets The Nightingales, recorded more John Peel sessions than any other band. Ever.

Buoyed by endless critical acclaim, but hampered by ongoing commercial indifference, Lloyd has nonetheless continued to tour and record, The Nightingales’ affairs managed by drummer Fliss Kitson, from a Wolverhampton shipping container, and Lloyd himself, from the isolated borderland mountain fastness of Wellington, Shropshire, surrounded by prehistoric remains and industrial archaeology.

Lloyd, a post-punk flaneur, sometime postman, and master snug room raconteur, appears to have maintained a lifestyle outside the system via a succession of hustles, often involving an encyclopaedic knowledge of horse racing and pre-punk musical weirdness.

But what were the social, cultural and economic circumstances that enabled and sustained such outsider artists in the punk and post-punk eras, and how has the world changed to the point where such figures are unlikely to flourish in the same way today? Lloyd’s own odyssey echoes how abstract notions of social mobility, of the value of culture and music, have changed in the last five decades.

In an odd coincidence, Lloyd’s current home, the Shropshire market town of Wellington, in the shadow of the Wrekin, is also where the comedian Stewart Lee was born, though he only spent nine days there before being dispatched to an orphanage, and has not been back since.

Further chance collisions abound. For a brief period the skyline of ‘70s concrete Birmingham was defined by Nicholas Monroe’s unloved, and soon sold off pop art sculpture, of the giant ape, King Kong. Missing and presumed lost for years, this icon of Birmingham was eventually discovered prostrate in a Lake District garden, before being critically rehabilitated in an exhibition of great British public sculpture at the Henry Moore Gallery in Leeds in 2017.

As a child, Stewart was fascinated by the sculpture, and in a strange piece of synchronicity Lloyd compared his onstage persona to Monroe’s Kong in a triumphant post-gig rant in King’s Cross this year. The parallels make the point of comparison too good to ignore. King Rocker will shadow Lloyd’s story with that of Birmingham’s forgotten, and rediscovered, giant art ape, King Kong.


Will Burns and Hannah Peel

We are delighted to welcome artist, producer and award-winning composer Hannah Peel in collaboration with poet Will Burns (a Faber New Poet for 2013–14) to perform in our beautiful 15th-century St Mary’s Church venue.

We can’t wait to tell you more about this beautiful project in the coming weeks.




Wigan native Joe Ogden is TVAM, and the debut LP Psychic Data (released on his own imprint of the same name) was self-produced and home-recorded before handing over mixing duties to Dean Honer of Moonlandingz, The Eccentronic Research Council and International Teachers Of Pop. It’s genuinely hard to imagine something as deep, ambitious and full of texture being cooked up in his bedroom. Huge moments of synth-pop colliding with crunching kosmische and sections of gloriously dystopian futuristic soundtracks. The sonics are seriously gratifying, totally maximal and somewhere between raves and shoegaze. What really elevated the album for us is the way he has captured such a vibe with Psychic Data as a whole, it is very much an album.

The sequencing and pace is pitch perfect, it casts a hazy spell and is totally captivating across every one of its 36 minutes. Euphoric, and very highly recommended indeed.


Pip Blom

Pip Blom

22-year-old Amsterdam-based Pip Blom started writing, recording and releasing her own indie-pop tunes with a twist in 2016. Early songs, which were simply uploaded to the internet, quickly amassed thousands and thousands of plays - prompting Pip to recruit a band and start playing them live. In stepped brother Tender Blom on backing vocals and guitar, Darek Mercks on bass and Gini Cameron on drums, with Pip herself fronting on guitar on vocals. Since, the band have played more than a hundred gigs, rising from small pubs to the European festival circuit with performances at Eurosonic Noorderslag and The Great Escape - as well as being asked by the likes of Surfer Blood, Franz Ferdinand and The Breeders to join them on their various European tours.

The band’s energetic live show quickly pricked the ears of press and radio - with Vice’s music channel hailing Pip as ‘ready to join the ranks of 2018’s rising guitar acts', and BBC 6 Music A-listing recent singles ‘I Think I’m In Love’ and ‘Pussycat’. The station’s DJs Marc Riley hailed the former as ‘perfect pop’ with Gideon Coe branding it ‘excellent’ and, elsewhere, on the UK’s most popular music station BBC Radio One, Pip Blom performed a live session at Maida Vale for Huw Stephens. Not bad going for someone whose early ambitions were to write a few songs and upload them to the internet in case people wanted to hear them.


You Tell Me

'You Tell Me' is Field Music’s Peter Brewis and Admiral Fallow member Sarah Hayes. As one half of Field Music, Peter Brewis has been honing the craft of pop songwriting for almost fifteen years, whilst Sarah Hayes has been exploring contemporary folk in her solo work, and the world of indie-pop via her band Admiral Fallow.

Whilst the subject matter can occasionally be personal and explores troubled or conflicted conversations around inner turmoil, there’s also a stirring sense of beauty that comes from the record; a feeling of pastures new and moving onto new things rather than being held back by the past. What makes this an even more remarkable musical statement and achievement is that two first-time collaborators were able to channel so much of themselves into a project and create something coherent and poised.

You Tell Me is an unpindownable record: familiar enough to sound comforting, but new enough to pique your interest and make you listen for the way forms have been taken and bent.
— The Guardian

The Nightingales


Birmingham’s original punk group The Prefects had been part of The Clash’s ‘White Riot Tour’, recorded a couple of Peel sessions, released a 45 on Rough Trade and, years after splitting up, had a retrospective CD released by NY label Acute Records to all round glowing reviews – from Rolling Stone to webzines. The Nightingales was formed by a few members of The Prefects following that band’s demise in 1979.

The band are the focus of the amazing new King Rocker feature film and we could not be more excited to invite them onto the Sea Change stage.

Their performances will serve to confirm their excellence when we are far enough distanced from the 1980’s to look at the period rationally and other, infinitely better known, bands stand revealed as charlatans
— John Peel


As part of Sea Change 2019, we are thrilled to welcome Bagpuss to town. There will be a panel talk about the series, one of the most enduring animations ever created with aficionados, creators and super fans all contributing.

We are also so very proud to welcome the original music creators Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner to perform the magical songs of Bagpuss live.