Amber Arcades

Amber Arcades is the band-de-plume of Annelotte De Graaf, a woman inspired by “time, continuity, coincidence and magic”. That may all sound pretty dreamy, and these songs do have wonderful ethereal qualities, but De Graaf’s dreams are not the whimsical kind. De Graaf’s dreams have led to her working as a legal aide on UN war crime tribunals, to inviting skint strangers to share her Utrecht squat, and to spending her life savings on a flight to New York because that’s where she wanted to record her first album.

That debut album - Fading Lines - was on of Drift's 2016 albums of the year and we are hugely excited for what 2017 might bring. We were lucky enough to see the band play live a few times over the last 12 months and they have grown and grown... expect to gaze at your shoes whilst your soul gets high.

We're hyped.

Stereolab-like dream-pop from the one-to-watch Dutch singer
— The Sunday Times