Sea Change is a young festival of music, art, culture, food and drinks in Totnes Devon. For the vast majority it is based inside of buildings as we invite you to join us at one of the most intimate and genuinely different bank holiday weekend getaways. We love what we've done and we love what we're going to do.

Below are some details about the first two editions. We have also selected some photos shot by Jay Bing and Aubs Simpson to show you how it all went down.


Sea Change II

What didn't kill us made us stronger. In 2017 we did it all over again with both The Quietus and Heavenly Recordings miraculously agreeing to come back and they were joined by new friends Bella Union, Erased Tapes (both celebrating big birthdays), Fire Records, Earth Recordings and Basin' Rock. Another sell out in Totnes and the introduction of our pop up Summerisle Restaurant with Patrick Hanna. We also introduced our restored Totnes Cinema to the weekend and our good friend Gold Panda came and played a special launch night.

Community power, female anger and proggy dance music: there is a lot to learn and a lot to love at Sea Change Festival in Totnes.
— The Quietus

"Let’s hope it returns again next year, and firmly establishes itself as the best indoor summer festival on the calendar" - eFestivals

August 25th & 26th, 2017.

Temples, Gold Panda, Jane Weaver, Jambinai, Blanck Mass, Aldous Harding, Daniel Brandt, Ryley Walker, Julie Byrne, Nadia Reid, The Proper Ornaments, Amber Arcades, Chris Forsyth and The Solar Motel Band, Hey Colossus, LOWLY, Masayoshi Fujita, Michael Chapman, Pixx, Seamus Fogarty, Gulp, H.Hawkline, Modern Studies, Death and Vanilla, Girl Ray, Grumbling Fur, Holly Macve, Douglas Dare, The Hundredth Anniversary, ILL, Will Stratton, Jim Ghedi, Mai Mai Mai, The Orielles, Trembling Bells, Rats on Rafts, Sex Swing, Wovoka Gentle, Seahawks, Tasseomancy, Tinnedfruit, VENN, Teleplasmiste, Tourists, W. H. Lung, 'Avocet Revisited', Simon Raymonde, Will Burns & Adam Chetwood, Laura Barton, Luke Turner, Laura Snapes, Toby Morgan, Robert Raths.

Sea Change I

One hot, sleep deprived night back in 2015, we (the guys at the Drift Record Shop) decided that we'd had enough of feeling like the train station past the end of the line... we wanted to see music, art and magic in our town. So we put on our own festival.

As we kept saying... we built it, and you came.

We took over a criminally under used Civic Hall, a half refurbished industrial unit, a 15th century church and a stunning ballroom... we invited friends and they all came, including a guest DJ spot from Joe Mount of Metronomy and 'Modern Ovens', the UKs premier Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers covers band featuring BSP and members of Brakes and The Pure Conjecture.

It was magic.


Sea Change. August 26th & 27th, 2016.

British Sea Power, TOY, Bo Ningen, Richard Dawson, THROWS, Yorkston Thorne Khan, BC Camplight, Rival Consoles, Ultimate Painting, The Parrots, Matthew and Me, Alasdair Roberts, Luke Abbott, The Wave Pictures, Joan Shelley, Nathan Salsburg, Howes, Szun Waves, Rose Elinor Dougall, Guy Andrews, Teeth Of The Sea, The Drink, Red River Dialect, Holly Macve, The Pure Conjecture, BarCreeps, Bizarre Rituals, Thirty Pounds of Bone, The Membranes, Sound of Yell, Death Shanties, Sylvia Patterson, Richard King, James Endeacott, Simon Goddard, Jude Rogers.