Working closely together, Sea Change and Lush have forged a tight partnership to create exciting original documents during the festival. For the 2019 festival we took over the historic High Cross House to programme a set of talks and sessions to celebrate the progressive arts history of the Dartington Arts School. At the 2019 event, we presented live video sessions to include an exclusive performance from Mark Stewart and the Pop Group, also Alexander Tucker, Pale Blue Eyes and Black Country New Road, Stewart Lee and Adrian Sherwood, Laura Barton and Michael Hann, Luke Turner, Nina Herve and Nick Luscombe, Salena Godden and Steve Chandra Savale.


Video Sessions


‘Where it began... How it evolved... Where it's at!’ New audio conversations were recorded for the ongoing ‘Origins’ series, including writer and broadcaster Emma Warren, musician Sam Potter and Toronto art-dance sibling trio DOOMSQUAD. The programme asks musicians, writers, artists and creators, where and how it all began... their creative process, the art and music that inspired them and why they continue to make and create the work that they do. All three episodes were produced and engineered on location by Sophie Porter and Andrew Paine. Artwork by Steve krakow aka Plastic Crimewave.

Emma Warren
Sam Potter

High Cross House

Alongside a full weekend programming of progressive sessions, one of the main features was the building itself. One of the UK’s most important modernist buildings, it was created (designed by the Swiss-American architect William Lescaze and built in 1932 for art patrons Leonard and Dorothy Elmhirst as a home for William Curry, then headmaster of the progressive Dartington Hall school) as a sleek “machine for living” in the 1930s, the building has been empty for five years. We spoke to Steven Morris in The Guardian about it (and accidentally called it ‘Bizarre’). Read more here.