Spoken Word at Sea Change

We love conversations with brilliant minds just as much as we love rock and roll bangers. We're thrilled to invite some people we're huge fans of to Totnes this year to talk about their work.


In Conversation; Shirley Collins

The legendary singer and song collector Shirley Collins joins us in Totnes to talk about her life in music. The panel will be covering her new memoire 'All in The Downs' (published by Strange Attractor, we'll have Mark Pilkington with us) and the feature 'The Ballad of Shirley Collins', whose directors Rob Curry and Tim Plester will be on hand. Also on the panel is Kyle Lonsdale of Earth Recordings who have made a stunning job of the film's soundtrack release.


Faber Social presents…
Billy Bragg in conversation with Will Burns

Here to discuss his second book for Faber Social, Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World, and the culture and history that inspired it, the songwriter and author Billy Bragg is here to tell us all about the jazz pilgrims, Teddy Boys, beat poets and bohemians that created and consumed the music that would kick-start the rocknroll and pop revolutions.


Rough Trade Books presents…
Richard King & James Endeacott’s Tall Short Stories

Brand new publishers Rough Trade Books present the authors of two of their new pamphlet series to read from and discuss their work. Richard King is the hugely acclaimed author of Original Rockers and How Soon is Now and James Endeacott is the legendary indie svengali who A&R'd The Strokes, found The Libertines and much more besides. Richard will read from a new short fiction, while James will be reading from his memoir and perhaps telling a new tale or two.



Faber Social presents…
Cosey Fanni Tutti in conversation with Emma Warren

Cosey Fanni Tutti’s debut for Faber, Art, Sex, Music was hugely acclaimed in both the music and literary worlds, winning plaudits and fans from publications as disparate as Uncut magazine to The Sunday Times. An elegant, hugely intelligent memoir of a life lived in dedication to art and truth, Cosey Fanni Tutti will discuss the book and her life here with the writer and editor Emma Warren.


Rough Trade Books presents…
Babak Ganjei’s Film Ideas and David Keenan & Sophy Hollington - To Run Wild In it

Another event presenting new work from Rough Trade Books, with musician and artist Babak Ganjei (Absentee, Wet Paint) discussing his hilarious yet melancholy Film Ideas — in which he lampoons Hollywood stereotypes at the same time as exposing the fragile sense of self which underpins all art-making. Author David Keenan and artist Sophy Hollington also present their collaborative new work, with new writing from David circling, chanting, obsessing on ideas of the Tarot seen as popular and literary cultural moments, alongside a new deck designed in tandem by the artist Sophy Hollington whose linocuts have appeared in The New Yorker, The V&A and The New York Times.


Faber Social presents…
All Gates Open: The Story of Can A panel discussion with author Rob Young & special guests Chaired by Emma Warren

One of the most eagerly-awaited music books of the last few years, Rob Young’s exquisitely written, meticulously researched biography of one of the most influential rock bands ever is every bit as good as you would expect from a writer of this calibre working with this superlative source material. Rob will lead a panel chaired by Emma Warren featuring a set of special guests discussing Can’s unique legacy, their ongoing influence and importance and hopefully articulating some of what made them such a powerful and original force.


Rough Trade Books presents…
Daniel Blumberg in conversation with Emma Warren

Daniel Blumberg is a musician with a storied career culminating in his recent solo record Minus. He has long applied a varied, inquisitive imaginative power to his work. He brings this sensibility to bear on a series of drawings he has been making over the past few years. In discussion with writer and editor Emma Warren, Blumberg will talk about his drawings, his process and his multifaceted art.

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Mute Records presents…
Straight To The Point - Josh T. Pearson in conversation with Will Burns

Announcing himself as one third of the exultant, visionary-psychedelic evangelists Lift to Experience, Josh T. Pearson has subsequently released two solo records to huge acclaim. He has also lived a life seemingly lifted from a poet’s biography. There are the years in Paris, London, the gigs, the poverty. But always the songs. And some jokes. Josh will talk about his thoughts on song-writing, his new-found desire to spread joy and of course his new album, The Straight Hits!

The Green Funeral Company

Claire and Ru Callender run The Green Funeral Company, and are the town’s best undertakers. They have also been writers and ritual performers for nearly twenty years, and their uncompromising position on how death should be met and dealt with has been influenced by such diverse cultural currents as punk, rave and, weirdly, crop circles.

They are unchallenged in their position as the radical fringe of the funeral industry, and have recently formed a business partnership with The KLF/Justified Ancients of MuMu with the intention of building a pyramid in Toxteth, with each brick containing a portion of cremated human remains. They believe in the power of ritual, and will be opening our festival.

The Green Funeral Company: Callender, Callender, Cauty and Drummond, Undertakers to the Underworld.