As part of the Sea Change festival, we run a volunteers program for stewarding. If you are interested, we ask you to please fill in this form.

* You will be allocated TWO shifts across the weekend that last FIVE hours each. In return for this work you receive a full weekend wristband to the festival. This is valid for all venues across the entire weekend.

* All stewards must be 16 years or older by 23/5/19

* There is no financial payment for your time or work.

* Any driving duties will have petrol covered at a standard rate.

* Where possible we will place you with friends and family on shifts.

* Where possible we try and spread the timings and roles fairly.

* Duties include litter collection, handing out information and monitoring of entrances. There is NOT any heavy lifting or duties that fall under the remit of SIA security.

* Sea Change do NOT require a deposit, but if you fail to complete your shifts for any reason you will be invoiced for the price of a full weekend ticket at £89.

* You will be in contact with the Steward Coordinator during the weekend and in advance of the festival.

* It's good fun and we love having a team of helpers!

* Feel free to direct an questions to