Under the direction of Patrick Hanna, Head Chef of Riverford Field Kitchen (part of a CV that also boasts L’Entrepot, Duck Soup and Rochelle Canteen), Summersisle returns to Sea Change and will operate as a sit down restaurant, situated in the verdant, landscaped grounds of Dartington Hall.

Summersisle debuted during the 2017 festival with a two day tenure as a pop up take way on the high street. Serving “Bread, Flesh & Flowers”, the pop up became one of the focal points of the weekend with artists, VIP and culinary adventurers ramming the tiny shop space. Patrick will be running the new and expanded Summersisle offering alongside colleague Lizzie Wedderburn and the return of much adored signature cocktail... The Buckfast-Negroni.

Summersisle will be serving locally sourced, seasonal produce in a unique crossover of traditional, modern and out-there. Inspired by the world-famous Argentinan chef Francis Mallmann, it will be hot, smoky and, with select pairing of wines and cocktails, destined to blow your mind.

Summersisle at 101 High Street in 2017.

One of the big problems was that everyone wanted to know EXACTLY what they were eating. If you base a menu on vegetables you have to really work hard to get people enthused, but once they drop their guard and experience what you can make with some thought and excitement, they can be pretty mind blown... and won’t stop talking
— Patrick Hanna