The 2018 campsite is now on sale

Camping tickets for 2018 are now available via Dartington's website. The site is based in the shadows of the historic Foxhole buildings in the stunning Dartington Estate and will be just over the road from our new Offshore Stage, hosting live music from Hookworms, Damo Suzuki + Bo Ningen, James Holden, Andrew Weatherall, Rival Consoles, Surfing magazines and Virginia Wing.

Much like the hotels, Air BnB and private lettings, the campsite is not operated by Sea Change directly and not included in our ticket price. We know you know this, but we're just saying it again in case this is your first visit.

Rival Consoles - Hidden [Video]

Rival Consoles have released a new video today for the track Hidden, taken from the album Persona. Really beautiful light and dark images with some amazing projections and archive BBC monitors.


“This film was quite a journey to creation,” says director Dan Medhurst. “After shooting a live performance of Ryan, we fed those shots through a series of old BBC editing monitors and projectors. We filmed more layers and introduced textures and distortion with some fresnel lenses. This gave us a different dynamic and really added some warmth to the film. Through this process of sending the video from digital to analogue signal, and then back again, we created a rich blend of abstract visuals that changed and morphed into something entirely new by the end.”

Later... with Gwenno and Boy Azooga

Series fifty-two of the BBC's Later... with Jools Holland gets off to a right start next week with both Gwenno and Boy Azooga playing live in episode number two!


Our neighbour Ben Howard will be there, and also completing the triple Welsh/Heavenly love-in will be the Manic Street Preachers. It broadcasts on Tuesday 15th May at 10pm and you can watch clips shortly after here;