Hatis Noit Combines Western Classical and Japanese Folk on Erased Tapes EP

The XLR8R website has just announced that Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit will release her enigmatic EP, Illogical Dance, via Erased Tapes worldwide on March 23.

We are thrilled that she will perform as part of the Erased Tapes Showcase at Sea Change.

Wanting to interpret and mimic the sounds Hatis Noit hears in nature, Illogical Dance is as unpredictable, beautiful and mysterious as the world around us. Each track is made up from multi layers of vocals, all improvised and without words, before being carefully pieced together. Astonishingly no samples are used throughout, even the sound of crushing leaves came from Hatis Noit’s own vocal chords. The result is a stunning array of sound sculptures that see her switching between multiple styles with great ease. From the sweet operatics on Illogical Lullaby, the manipulated vocal loops duplicating electronic production on Anagram c.i.y. to the primordial chanting call to arms of Angelus Novus, a 10-minute odyssey that features whispering and leaves crunching, it showcases Hatis Noit’s full range and introduces a truly original artist.