Released This Week; Rob Young, Daniel Blumberg, James Heather and Bryde

New music and words released this week and getting us excited for the summer months.

Rob Young's amazing 'All Gates Open: The Story of Can' is out on Faber & Faber and we're enjoying it hugely. Also this week are three new albums of very different - and very beautiful - new music. James Heather presents his debut album - Stories From Far Away On Piano - on vinyl for the first time via Ahead Of Our Time - Coldcut’s (Ninja Tune founders) first label and playground for free expression and experimentation. Like An Island is the debut album from Bryde on her own Seahorse Music label and was ROTW at the music excellent Resident in Brighton last week. Minus is the debut album - under his own name - from Daniel Blumberg. His teenage band signed to XL whilst he was still at school, then onto and through the projects of Yuck, Oupa and Hebronix all still at only 27 years old. Minus is an astonishing work, the record weds an improvisational, free-music ethos to the rawest emotional songwriting, rooted deep in the personal turmoil Blumberg experienced whilst making the record.