The Totnes & Dartington Morris Men

A Cotswold Morris side from South Devon... and a right crew of drinkers!

The side was formed in 1968 and since 1973, has been a member of the Morris Ring, the international organisation of male Morris dancers. Whilst practising and contemplating a name for the side, Leonard Elmhirst, a founder of the Dartington Hall Trust, informed the men that he had once danced the Morris. He agreed that the side call themselves "The Dartington Morris Men" and suggested at the same time that the team use the Dartington crest of the white hart on the red rose; the crest of Richard II and John Holland. Their website has a full history here

We are very proud to invite the Totnes and Dartington Morris Men to Sea Change 2018 and they will be popping up in Totnes and Dartington... where cold drinks are sold!