New Lion Brewery Sessions

Mostly so that we can again claim to have organised a 'piss-up at a brewery', we're delighted to be working with the local New Lion Brewery for a set of live sessions from their tap room. The brewery has hosted live sessions previously during Sea Change from Seamus Fogarty, James Yorkston, Alasdair Roberts, Ultimate Painting, Jim Ghedi, The Proper Ornaments and Ryley Walker.

This year they will be joined by;

5.00pm – Hater
6pm – Penelope Isles

2.00pm – Red River Dialect
3.30pm – Saint Leonard’s Horses


As usual, gigs are free, open to anyone whether they have a Sea Change wristband or not, although if you do have a Sea Change band it will get you a 10% discount at the bar.