Virginia Wing: the Manchester pop duo fighting the 'indie edgelord' sexists

Faced with ranks of leering male fans on tour with Hookworms, Alice Merida Richards and Sam Pillay – creators of one of the albums of the year – played in front of an ‘end rape culture’ sign.

Absolutely superb interview with Virginia Wing and Laura Snapes in the Guardian this week. They have made one of the years finest LPs no doubt and they are people we want to hear a great deal more from; interesting, kind, aware and very switched on.

ead in full here;

rhythmic dream pop with a bite
— The Guardian

Read Ben Beaumont-Thomas' ★★★★ review of Ecstatic Arrow here.

Rough Trade Books

Embodying the "same original spirit and radical direction" that the independent label has cultivated over the past 40 years and counting, Rough Trade Books is a new literary imprint.

Launching with a set of twelve pamphlets - known as Rough Trade Editions - each publication brings together "The very highest calibre of artists, writers, poets, musicians, photographers, illustrators and thinkers producing work relating to their relationship with the counter-culture".

You can order them now at Drift or via the RTB website.

We are thrilled to have Daniel Blumberg, Babak Ganjei, David Keenan and Sophy Hollington all joining us at Sea Change this year to talk about their contributions to the series.

The Weather Station On Mountain Stage

Superb live set up on the NPR website with The Weather Station taped performing live from their Mountain Stage.

"Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Tamara Lindeman is the principal force behind The Weather Station, known for pairing her narrative songwriting skills with topical matters and subtle reflections of everyday life."

Four tracks and so much vibe... can not wait to welcome Tamara and band to Totnes.