Adrian Sherwood & Stewart Lee In Conversation

In a brilliantly unscheduled talk during Sea Change 2019, two of our distinguished guests - Adrian Sherwood and Stewart Lee - sat with host John Robb to talk about their respective projects at the festival, and their recent experiences working with Lee "Scratch" Perry and ‎Robert Lloyd.

Recorded at High Cross House in Dartington during the 2019 Sea Change Festival.

Filmed exclusively in partnership with Lush.

Filmed by Paul Newton and Milo Alexander Travers
Edited by Jordan MacRae
Produced by Rupert Morrison, Holly Morrison and Matthew Shaw

Origins | Emma Warren

In the latest episode of Origins, Andrew Paine joined us at Sea Change to meet Emma Warren, author of 'Steam Down or How Things Begin' and 'Make Some Space: Tuning Into Total Refreshment Centre'. The conversation considers 'paying attention', listening as an act of love, cultural beginnings and what communities do when they're in tune and notice something is missing. And... Fame Club.


Produced and engineered by Sophie Porter & Andrew Paine
Theme music by Andrew Paine & Caroline McKenzie
Artwork by Steve krakow aka Plastic Crimewave

Origins | Sam Potter

Sam Potter

In the latest episode of Origins, Andrew Paine joined us at Sea Change to meet musician and author... Sam Potter. The conversation covers Sam's first band, Late Of The Pier... his new music project 'As Late As The Light That Hides It', featuring the songs of February Montaine... and the recent Rough Trade Pamphlet Ecstatic Data Sets: The Chorismos Apeiron Scanner (2028 Edition).


Produced and engineered by Sophie Porter
Theme music by Andrew Paine & Caroline McKenzie
Artwork by Steve krakow aka Plastic Crimewave



In the latest episode of Origins, Sophie Porter met with Toronto art-dance sibling trio DOOMSQUAD during Sea Change in May. The conversation features music by Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, Fela Kuti, Fucked Up and DOOMSQUAD.


Artwork by Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave
Produced by Sophie Porter

Where it began... How it evolved... Where it's at! Origins... the programme that asks musicians, writers, artists and creators, where and how it all began, their creative process, the art and music that inspired them, and why they continue to make and create the work that they do.


Stewart Lee... in various capacities

“I’m doing a little set of new material. Thats badly worked out stuff that I read off crumpled bits of paper…”

You heard the man! Stewart Lee is coming to Sea Change and you should to.


During the Sea Change weekend, Stewart will be presenting a conversation about the documentary - King Rocker - that he is making with director Michael Cumming and producer James Nicholls. The film focuses on seminal post-punks The Nightingales, who will be joining us to play live! Stewart will also be interviewing musicians Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner as part of our Bagpuss show (including Bagpuss himself!). In a very special session, Stewart will be posing questions to Michael Cumming about his Oxide Ghosts film. The very personal tribute to Brass Eye - the series that Michael directed between 1995-1997 - will have a very rare screening.

We can also today confirm that we’re delighted that Stewart will be performing an intimate set of new work-in-progress stand up material at Dartington's Barn Cinema on Sunday morning (11am - 12pm). The set will be a fund raiser to support the production of the King Rocker feature and we’ll be selling tickets on the main festival site box office during Saturday afternoon at £10 per person. The capacity will be just over 100 people and the demand will be high, so keep an eye on our social channels for updates.


Babak Ganjei - Film Ideas Exhibit

Babak Ganjei

We’re delighted to announce that Babak Ganjei returns to Sea Change to exhibit his original ‘Film Ideas’ series as part of our take over at High Cross House.


After getting a retweet from American comedian Rob Delaney regarding his own fart joke (something Rob Delaney may well not remember) Babak Ganjei woke up to find a number of film producers from Los Angeles following him. Sensing an opportunity somewhere, anywhere, over the next five years Babak used Twitter to pitch film ideas, sadly to no avail. While ill and housebound Babak started to write them down in analogue form and discovered an audience waiting for his films.

In Film Ideas, artist Babak Ganjei presents his hallucinatory set of film pitches as both a comic lampoon of Hollywood tropes and a classic example of outsider-self-expression. Extremely funny and shot through with Ganjei’s singular world-view. Film Ideas brilliantly exposes our thin, absurd media culture.