Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding - Horizon on Jools Holland

All week it has been billed as 'the first all female line up in later's history'... (which is both great and long overdue fyi....) but this edition will be remembered more as the one where Aldous Harding went on and sung us into shock. An amazing and breathtaking performance with just a piano accompaniment. Pretty sure she'll be doing another song on the full show, so check that out this weekend.

You can watch Horizon here.

Focus on Aldous Harding

We follow our ears at Sea Change, it's about faith. We book music makers and artists that we love and admire and try to present them in an atmosphere where they can experience something different as much as you marvel at them playing. There is one thing we are certain of, Sea Change 2017 will be the very last opportunity you have to see Aldous Harding in such an intimate setting. Her new LP (released this week worldwide via 4AD) is pretty astonishing and is destined to send her stratospheric. Totnes... Sea Change ... this is going to be something else.

an eerie carnival of passion and paranoia
— ★ ★ ★ ★ The Guardian

Her self-titled debut album (2014) came with little fanfare from the always thrilling Flying Nun label (a new Zealand institution) and was very quickly and very clearly the sort of album that spreads like wildfire. Drift couldn't keep it in stock, baron and sporadic patches between the boxes full arriving. She was an arresting singer of hushed, serious folk songs. Her gaunt, androgynous cover shot gave very little away. We played it, we sold it...

But now forward to 2017. Her debut release with 4AD, (produced with the award-winning John Parish; PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse) introduces a new pulse to the stark and unpopulated dramatic realm where the likes of Kate Bush and Scott Walker reside. This is something else altogether. 

Aldous recently spoke to the (excellent) Spinoff site in her native New Zealand and was really fascinating, a great interview. The swan image on this page was shot by Steve Acres from that feature.

READ IN FULL: ‘What if birds aren’t singing, they’re screaming?’: Inside Aldous Harding’s head.

Aldous Harding will be playing Friday 25th August at Sea Change in the beautiful Barrel House Ballroom.