Babak Ganjei

Babak Ganjei - Film Ideas Exhibit

Babak Ganjei

We’re delighted to announce that Babak Ganjei returns to Sea Change to exhibit his original ‘Film Ideas’ series as part of our take over at High Cross House.


After getting a retweet from American comedian Rob Delaney regarding his own fart joke (something Rob Delaney may well not remember) Babak Ganjei woke up to find a number of film producers from Los Angeles following him. Sensing an opportunity somewhere, anywhere, over the next five years Babak used Twitter to pitch film ideas, sadly to no avail. While ill and housebound Babak started to write them down in analogue form and discovered an audience waiting for his films.

In Film Ideas, artist Babak Ganjei presents his hallucinatory set of film pitches as both a comic lampoon of Hollywood tropes and a classic example of outsider-self-expression. Extremely funny and shot through with Ganjei’s singular world-view. Film Ideas brilliantly exposes our thin, absurd media culture.

Origins. Babak Ganjei

Where it began... how it evolved... where it's at!

Origins... the programme that asks musicians, writers, artists & creators, where and how it all began... their creative process, the art and music that inspired them and why they continue to make and create the work that they do.

In this episode, John Robb travels to the Sea Change Festival, Totnes, and speaks with artist, writer and musician... Babak Ganjei.

Listen here.

Rough Trade Books

Embodying the "same original spirit and radical direction" that the independent label has cultivated over the past 40 years and counting, Rough Trade Books is a new literary imprint.

Launching with a set of twelve pamphlets - known as Rough Trade Editions - each publication brings together "The very highest calibre of artists, writers, poets, musicians, photographers, illustrators and thinkers producing work relating to their relationship with the counter-culture".

You can order them now at Drift or via the RTB website.

We are thrilled to have Daniel Blumberg, Babak Ganjei, David Keenan and Sophy Hollington all joining us at Sea Change this year to talk about their contributions to the series.