Daniel Brandt

Daniel Brandt - Eternal Something (Short Film)

Wow, check this out. This week Daniel Brandt has debuted a short film of 'Eternal Something'

"Sometimes it was a very nerdy and kind of depressing experience to sit at home and just go through all this crap online. I kind of got frightened by the state of the world right now, at least the feeling you get from it when you watch all these videos. So much nonsense and also so much violence and superficiality are around, it’s almost unbearable.

While I was working on the "Eternal Something" album I thought it would be great to combine these two aspects and only use footage from Youtube as a foundation of a kind of updated but much more gritty and of course shorter version of Koyaanisqatsi. One afternoon I just downloaded a bunch of clips, looking for several keywords and put the music underneath. It kind of worked and I was hooked. So over the course of the last year I downloaded extensive amounts of video from Youtube and sorted the footage in different categories and the story just evolved from trying out different combinations. 

I then showed very early versions to Beaver and asked him to record a few streams of consciousness on his iPhone while watching the clips. I was very happy with the result and edited them to

to the film and connect the whole thing." – Daniel Brandt

Stream Daniel Brandt's Wonderful Debut Album in Full

XLR8R Magazine are streaming the debut Daniel Brandt LP Eternal Something in full on their website. The CD and LP have been pushed back till 31st March according to the studs at Drift, but no reason not to stream it in all it's brilliance this weekend. Dream of those summer nights.

Daniel Joins us at Sea Change as part of the Erased Tapes Tenth Birthday celebrations.

Listen here.