Jane Weaver

Solo Variation: Jane Weaver Interviewed

After three decades of work in the margins of UK psych rock and folk, Jane Weaver has risen steadily in prominence over the last four years. Here she explains to Joshua French, why she is setting aside her tried and tested means of touring with a live band for a series of solo Loops In The Secret Society shows this Autumn. With mixtape...

I like heavy music and as a music fan, I like to feel it in my bones
— Jane Weaver

Really fascinating interview with Jane Weaver on The Quietus website this week. 

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Portrait by Andy Votel


The Quietus: The Best Albums Of 2017 Thus Far...

Our good friends The Quietus have completed a truly brilliant top fifty (so far) of 2017 list with some exceptional new musical avenues to follow. Amongst the riches are Sea Change 2017 performers Blanck Mass, Daniel O’Sullivan (one-half of the marvelous Grumbling Fur), Hey Colossus, Teleplasmiste and Jane Weaver. Also on the list are new albums from 2016 alumni Rose Dougall and British Sea Power.

Get listening here and some see their showcases on Friday and Saturday at Unit23... will be mega.

"Most artists are very insecure people": DiS Meets Jane Weaver

Jane Weaver spoke to Dom Gourlay on Drowned in Sound this week about her (amazing) new LP Modern Kosmology.

As ever, she is super down to Earth. Read that in full here.

I’m always reluctant to let anyone hear a recording until it’s ready because if it doesn’t make sense to me then I don’t see how it can to them either.
— Jane Weaver

Focus on Jane Weaver

Released tomorrow is Modern Kosmology, the superb new studio LP from Jane Weaver on Fire Records. It's picking up some seriously glowing praise already, the most beautifully phrased so far is over on The Quietus

With one eye on the dancefloor and another on those sprawling existential questions we may never truly answer, Jane Weaver’s Modern Kosmology is a joyous relief to cynical cosmic vibes
— The Quietus

Jane has long been an artist we've admired and her back catalogue is an immaculate collection of intimate, woozy, krauty, home-spun, maximal pop music. She really is in the category we'd call a national treasure. 

Below you can watch a short video called ((Spectral Lines)) that gives insight into the recording process for Modern Kosmology.

We also never miss an opportunity to highlight that Jane Weaver released an album called Cherlokalate ten years back that has a song called Is Everyone Happy? ... to this day, it is one of the most evocative and singularly brilliant songs we've ever heard. You can listen on her Bandcamp page.

an album that demonstrates Weaver’s rare talent for a largely forgotten skill of the first psychedelic era
— ★ ★ ★ ★ The Guardian

We could not be more honoured to welcome Jane to Totnes for the first time to play at Sea Change. She plays Saturday night on The Quietus stage. Huge thanks to both James at Fire Records and John at The Quietus who convinced Jane to re-book a holiday to fit us in... how could anyone ask any more than that? She is so legit.