Laura Snapes

Laura Snapes in conversation with Luke Turner and John Doran.

How Not To Run A Music Magazine: Digital Publication The Quietus Has Just Turned Ten... Somehow.

Music writer and editor Laura Snapes will be in Totnes next weekend for Sea Change and will be speaking to tQ founder/editors Luke Turner and John Doran about a decade at the helm of Europe's largest and best fully independent music and culture website.

A story that involves nervous breakdowns, conquering addictions, contemporary mime, a mixtape for Raoul Moat, a falling out with Metallica, stalkers, cheese, tea, toast and the fine art of not leaving a sinking ship.

In Conversation, Saturday 12:30m at the Barrel Hosue Ballroom.  


Virginia Wing: the Manchester pop duo fighting the 'indie edgelord' sexists

Faced with ranks of leering male fans on tour with Hookworms, Alice Merida Richards and Sam Pillay – creators of one of the albums of the year – played in front of an ‘end rape culture’ sign.

Absolutely superb interview with Virginia Wing and Laura Snapes in the Guardian this week. They have made one of the years finest LPs no doubt and they are people we want to hear a great deal more from; interesting, kind, aware and very switched on.

ead in full here;

rhythmic dream pop with a bite
— The Guardian

Read Ben Beaumont-Thomas' ★★★★ review of Ecstatic Arrow here.

Songs we Love: Dreaming In The Non-Dream

Our bud Laura Snapes wrote about and premiered the new Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band LP Dreaming In The Non-Dream over on NPR. Great read and some cool insight from Chris about the record and where it came from.

The album is released on 25th August... yep, the very day the band come to town to play Sea Change.

It’s concise and lean, almost speeding on an empty tank through a tireless groove that solders dusty Ohio punk to krautrock’s soothing repetitions, dipping from warped boogie into jittery synths, pausing for a brief, mellow reprieve and then gasping towards an arid and exhilarating conclusion
— Laura Snapes, NPR