Oxide Ghosts

Stewart Lee... in various capacities

“I’m doing a little set of new material. Thats badly worked out stuff that I read off crumpled bits of paper…”

You heard the man! Stewart Lee is coming to Sea Change and you should to.


During the Sea Change weekend, Stewart will be presenting a conversation about the documentary - King Rocker - that he is making with director Michael Cumming and producer James Nicholls. The film focuses on seminal post-punks The Nightingales, who will be joining us to play live! Stewart will also be interviewing musicians Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner as part of our Bagpuss show (including Bagpuss himself!). In a very special session, Stewart will be posing questions to Michael Cumming about his Oxide Ghosts film. The very personal tribute to Brass Eye - the series that Michael directed between 1995-1997 - will have a very rare screening.

We can also today confirm that we’re delighted that Stewart will be performing an intimate set of new work-in-progress stand up material at Dartington's Barn Cinema on Sunday morning (11am - 12pm). The set will be a fund raiser to support the production of the King Rocker feature and we’ll be selling tickets on the main festival site box office during Saturday afternoon at £10 per person. The capacity will be just over 100 people and the demand will be high, so keep an eye on our social channels for updates.


Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes

We’re delighted to announce that director Michael Cumming will be introducing and screening his film Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes at the 2019 festival.

Made from hundreds of hours of unseen material from his personal archive, the film shares insights into the process of making the legendary TV series Brass Eye. Michael directed both of the pilots and the series and, over a two year period, witnessed the highs and lows of Brass Eye from a very personal perspective. The session will be at the Barn Cinema, a unique 15th Century venue on the Dartington Estate.

[Oxide Ghosts] offers a well-judged and very rare insight into [Brass Eye’s] making, encapsulating the fun and covert excitement that went on while the project was still under wraps, before all the legal wrangling kicked in. If you’re an admirer of the show and the opportunity should arise for you to see Oxide Ghosts, have some self re-cocking-spect and do so without hesitation 
— Chortle

The film is designed solely for live screenings and is made up almost entirely of never before seen footage. Oxide Ghosts carries the blessing of Chris Morris and provides a rare glimpse of his extraordinary working practices. Michael will be doing a Q&A after the film – spilling beans, shattering myths and letting a few cats out of the bag. This film & Q&A session are a must for fans of the series but will appeal to anyone with a curiosity about how great comedy is made.