Rough Trade Books

Salena Godden in conversation with Claire Callender

Salena Godden joined us at Sea Change 2019 as part of the amazing Rough Trade Books session that also included Martha Sprackland, Ana da Silva and Charlotte Newman. We were thrilled to capture Salena in conversation later that afternoon with our dear friend and neighbour Claire Callender, covering life, pessimism and inevitably death.

Recorded at High Cross House in Dartington during the 2019 Sea Change Festival.

Filmed exclusively in partnership with Lush.

Filmed by Paul Newton and Milo Alexander Travers
Edited by Jordan MacRae
Produced by Rupert Morrison, Holly Morrison and Matthew Shaw

Luke Turner in conversation with Nick Luscombe and Nina Hervé

We invited three excellent guests from three of our most favourite independent outlets to discuss supporting art on the fringes. Luke Turner of The Quietus led a conversation with broadcaster Nick Luscombe (including BBC Radio3's Late Junction) and Nina Hervé of Rough Trade Books.

Recorded at High Cross House in Dartington during the 2019 Sea Change Festival.


Filmed exclusively in partnership with Lush.

Filmed by Paul Newton and Milo Alexander Travers
Edited by Jordan MacRae
Produced by Rupert Morrison, Holly Morrison and Matthew Shaw


Babak Ganjei - Film Ideas Exhibit

Babak Ganjei

We’re delighted to announce that Babak Ganjei returns to Sea Change to exhibit his original ‘Film Ideas’ series as part of our take over at High Cross House.


After getting a retweet from American comedian Rob Delaney regarding his own fart joke (something Rob Delaney may well not remember) Babak Ganjei woke up to find a number of film producers from Los Angeles following him. Sensing an opportunity somewhere, anywhere, over the next five years Babak used Twitter to pitch film ideas, sadly to no avail. While ill and housebound Babak started to write them down in analogue form and discovered an audience waiting for his films.

In Film Ideas, artist Babak Ganjei presents his hallucinatory set of film pitches as both a comic lampoon of Hollywood tropes and a classic example of outsider-self-expression. Extremely funny and shot through with Ganjei’s singular world-view. Film Ideas brilliantly exposes our thin, absurd media culture.

There is always more...

We're delighted to announce another set of attractions gracing the many spaces under our steward at Sea Change 2019.


Liberté, égalité, publicité

Hot on the heels of their ‘ART PROVOCATION’ at the request of Banksy for an event at Dismaland, post-punk iconoclasts The Pop Group present a new collaboration with sound art fetishist Matthew Shaw. At Sea Change they will requisition the iconic Brutalist architecture of Dartington’s High Cross House for ‘BLOOD MONEY’, an incendiary site specific ‘LIVE INSTALLATION’.

The Pop Group’s highly acclaimed debut LP, Y, was ranked by Pitchfork as 35th best album of the 1970s and named one of the 100 Most Important Records Ever Made by The Wire.


The installation is part of our take over at High Cross House, where we're delighted to announce will also see sessions throughout the weekend from Alexander Tucker of Grumbling Fur, author John Higgs in conversation with Rupert Callender, the UK Poster Association exhibiting exclusive new screen prints, John Robb, February Montaine, Night Works, Bobby Barry and Nick Luscombe in conversation with John Doran and Luke Turner of The Quietus about the perils of supporting art on the fringes.


Rough Trade Books return to Totnes with a full program of amazing sessions at the beautiful Barrel House Ballroom. Four of their fine pamphleteers - Charlotte Newman, Martha Sprackland, Ana da Silva and Salena Godden - discuss poetry, prose and all that lies between. Emma Warren will be in conversation with Belinda Zhawi (and guests) about Steam Down, authors David Keenan and Luke Turner both also make welcome returns to talk about their latest works, Late of the Pier, Robert Barry and Hannah Peel will be discussing 'Future technologies' and Craig Oldham will be talking about and screening John Carpenter’s They Live (at the Totnes Cinema).


Also announced at the Totnes Cinema will be Spaced Out, an immersive meditation on the music and vision of Delia Derbyshire. A specially commissioned new sound and vision piece by Jon Tye and Benge, accompanied by synthesised projections by Janine Rook and Bruno Vincent. The session is also a rare chance to see the amazing 'Circle of Light: The Photography of Pamela Bone' documentary, directed by Anthony Roland with soundtrack by Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield.

Also on screen, director Michael Cumming will be introducing his film Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes. Made from hundreds of hours of unseen material from his personal archive, the film shares insights into the process of making the legendary TV series Brass Eye.

Viv Albertine, Salena Godden, Emma Warren and more speakers added

We can think of no better way to celebrate International Women's Day #IWD2019 than by announcing a set of brilliant and inspiring women who will be joining us in conversation at Sea Change.

Under the watchful eye of Rough Trade Books (which is driven by one of our most favourite women in Nina Hervé), we will be welcoming conversations with; Viv Albertine, Salena Godden, Emma Warren, Belinda Zhawi, Martha Sprackland, Ana da Silva and Charlotte Newman.

Opportunity to celebrate again our amazing women music makers already announced who form such a big part of our lineup: Gazelle Twin, Du Blonde, Anne Müller, Rozi Plain, Hannah Peel, Virginia Astley, Pip Blom and Sandra Kerr.

Soho Radio at Sea Change

All of the amazing Soho Radio live from Drift episodes, that were taped during Sea Change, are now available to listen to again.

Guest shows from Emma Warren, Heavenly Jukebox (dream team line up of Katherine Cantwell, Daisy Goodwin and Diva Harris), Sofia Ilyas and masters of ceremony James Endeacott and Raf Rundell. 

Stream each episode below.

James Endeacott and Raf Rundell present Morning Glory live from Drift, with guests Richard King who talks about his utterly glorious 'The August Fawn' edition on Rough Trade Books and by Billy Bragg who was talking 'Roots, Radicals and Rockers' and how Skiffle changed the world.

Featuring music from David Bowie, Angel Rada, Arthur Russell, Ashra, Jess Sah Bi & Peter One and more.

Journalist and editor Emma Warren is joined by Claire and Ru Callender who run The Green Funeral Company, talking about rituals and how death should be met and dealt with (spoiler, it's as diverse as punk, rave and, weirdly, crop circles.) Includes music from Dj Khalab, The Clash, Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Steve Mason.

FLOAT label boss, DJ and good friend of the shop Sofia Ilyas brings an experimental mix, featuring music from Masayoshi Fujita, Guy Andrews, Sasha, Christian Loffler, Kiasmos, Talaboman and more.

Katherine Cantwell, Daisy Goodwin and Diva Harris present a special Heavenly Jukebox takeover with music from Gruff Rhys, Habibi, Sudan Archives and Mavis John.

James Endeacott and Raf Rundell present Mornign Glory, with live Tarot from Mr David Keenan and featuring music from Felt, Lexx, Jackie Mittoo, The Rolling Stones, The Congos and more.

Shout out to Rachel at Soho Radio for being such great company and a tireless pro throughout the weekend. We will also post the full Sea Change Inaugural Cricket match commentary from Roy Wilkinson and Will Burns shortly.