Ryley Walker

Ryley Walker - Live, Mona Bismark American Center, Paris

A couple of great videos online today from Ryley Walker's current run of live dates.

Some really well recorded amateur footage shows Ryley and the band in fine form with some pretty spiritual jams. The set was recorded June 1st at the Mona Bismark American Center in Paris.

Also 10/10 on the Tim Hardin If I Were A Carpenter cover. They take it somewhere.

Ryley Walker live at Levitation Festival 2016

Recorded by house engineer. Honestly, I forget who it was. Damn. Great night. Rangda/Royal Trux also played. Dream come true. Excellent recording
— Ryley Walker

As Ryley said, hell of a recording and a brilliant live document of what he was doing with his band back in November in Austin, Texas at The Levitation Festival. Similar vibes in Totnes? who can tell, we're very excited to find out.


Sullen Mind
The Roundabout
Age Old Tale
The Halfwit In Me
Funny Thing She Said To Me

Ryley Walker - Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar
Brian Sulpizio - Electric Guitar
Ben Boye - Keys/Autoharp
Anton Hatwich - Bass
Quin Kirchner - Drums