Temples - ARTE Concert

To celebrate the release of their splendid Volcano LP, Temples recorded a very special launch concert for the French ARTE TV station.

a group that lives and breathes psychedelia. Together, they give birth to a timeless psyched rock and pop, sublimated by a chiseled production

You can watch the full 51 minute show here. It is super cinematic and the band are on fire.


Temples share behind the scenes tour diary

Temples have this week released a behind the scenes tour diary of their recent set of dates in North and South America. 

This is a fly on the wall insight into one of our South American/North American tours! You can’t really fully capture what touring is like through film, but this is a small glimpse into our travels.
— James Bagshaw

Temples announced as Heavenly Headliner

We are so hyped to announce this morning that Temples will be headlining Heavenly Recordings take over at Sea Change 2017.

Self-produced and recorded at their home studio in Kettering, Temples have today released their sophomore LP Volcano.

"When they let loose on Celebration they’re an impossibly addictive proposition and with Oh The Saviour and (I Wanna Be Your) Mirror, they have their very own status-changing anthems.”
- Q Magazine ★ ★ ★ ★

“Their screwball pageant of glam stomp, Broadway musical, and driving synths make it clear. Temples aren’t stuck in the past, they’ve glimpsed the future.”
- Mojo Magazine ★ ★ ★ ★

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